Watch the MPTV Documentary 

“Memorializing Kosciuszko” On-line 

MPTV, Milwaukee’s PBS affiliate, produced a 30 minute documentary entitled Memorializing Kosciuszko which was broadcast for the first time on Monday February 3, 2014 and has aired several times since. The documentary told the story of both the man and the restored monument in a beautiful, artistic, informative, historically accurate and professional manner.  It does great justice to both Kosciuszko himself and to all those involved with the restoration project.  If you missed it, the program may be rebroadcast again in the Milwaukee market.  If you live outside the Milwaukee TV market, ask your local PBS affiliate if they would air Memorializing Kosciuszko in your area.  You can also watch Memorializing Kosciuszko on-line at: Additional footage about the restoration process can also be viewed on-line at:

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General Kosciuszko has returned
General Kosciuszko has returned General Kosciuszko has returned